Seni’s Law needs MPs to be in Parliament for the Bill’s Third Reading on 6 July to prevent it being talked out. Help the campaign by emailing your MP using the template email below.

You can find your MP’s email address by clicking here and entering your postcode. Don’t forget to include your full address and postcode when emailing your MP.


Dear MP,

Will you stop deaths in our mental health services?

We are at a critical point for the campaign to reduce the use of force in mental health units.

Earlier this month a key debate on Seni’s Law, a Bill to reduce deaths in mental health services, ran out of time after one MP spoke for 148 minutes. There is now a very real danger that it will not pass even though it is supported by Labour and the Government.

Third Reading of the Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill is top of the order paper on Friday 6 July, but we can’t risk it being talked out again. We need 100 MPs to be in Parliament to stop the threat of more attempts to talk the Bill out.

As my MP, you’re able to be there to stop this happening. The campaign behind it is named Seni’s Law, after 23 year old Seni Lewis who died after being restrained by 11 police officers in a mental health unit.

The campaign has the support of mental health charities and campaigners. It will end the disproportionate use of force and speed up justice when things go wrong. But it needs your support.

Will you be in Parliament to vote for Seni’s Law on 6 July?

Thank you.